About The Owner

Maria Moise is a mother of 6, and has dreamed of starting her own business since the age of 8 years young. She grew up in an area surrounded by migrant workers, and saw how it affected her peers and the community. At the tender age of 13 years old she became a mother to her first son, and ended in the foster care system the next year. Despite the many unfortunate obstacles, Maria didn’t let her past define who she would turn out to be. She always had a desire to help and give back to the community after witnessing some hardships and unfairness. With her natural love for people; as a store owner, she will be able to help her customers feel confident, beautiful, and be able to relate to them in every aspect in life.
Maria has over 20 years of experience in Operational Support, retail management, and customer service. She is prepared and qualified to manage her store with the knowledge she currently has and continues to obtain by experts who have been in the beauty industry for many years. She is an avid learner determined to be a better version of her yesterday self.
She is a college graduate with a degree in Psychology and Human Resources Management. She also holds an Entrepreneurship Bootcamp certificate. Ms. Moise also holds a Cosmetology/Esthetician License.  
Maria is passionate about leaving a legacy for her family, while making profitable income to support them, and giving back to her community through jobs and education.